November 7-8, 2016 | Las Vegas

Whether you are looking to design a learning program, better measure the ROI of existing initiatives, become an advocate for innovative approaches, or just explore new ways to improve productivity, LearningCon 2016 is your training blueprint to meet new demands and gain the competitive advantage!

LearningCon 2016 will arm today’s HR and talent development professionals with proven methods for leveraging the latest L&D trends to enhance organizational performance. Learn rock-solid strategies to help your employees be better prepared, more engaged, and able to produce twice the work in half the time. When you align organizational learning and development with broader business initiatives, you can have a positive and measurable impact on bottom line growth and employee retention. Our experts can help you get there through case study guidance–not a sales pitch! 


  • Learn practical strategies for implementing L&D and training programs designed specifically for today’s multi-generational, tech-savvy workforce
  • Uncover tactics for accelerating employee productivity through training technology
  • Discover proven ways to supercharge employee engagement through creative solutions, such as gamification, mLearning, and video
  • Build skills in effective learning design, development, and evaluation
  • Determine practical and powerful post-training evaluation metrics to measure the success of your program
  • Explore new platform designs that are conducive to on-the-go learners
  • Leverage best practices for building a strong mLearning base through mobile learning solution design
  • Connect with industry peers and leaders to discuss actionable best practices (and lessons learned) from real-life programs
  • Learn how to use L&D opportunities to recruit and retain a powerful staff
  • Plus, you’ll have access to an interactive solutions showcase of the latest technologies to support L&D efforts!


More than ever before, skills development and opportunities to learn are at the forefront of recruiting and retaining top-notch staff. To ensure maximum productivity and profitability in today’s market, high-performance organizations require successful learning and development (L&D) and training programs. And, with new technologies are emerging at a rapid pace, the way your organization approaches your L&D needs is key.

If you’re thinking about implementing tech-based L&D and training initiatives for your workforce or you’ve just gotten started, this conference will provide you with critical information on key factors to consider and plenty of how-to’s on integrating L&D technologies into your current hiring, onboarding, and employee training curriculum.


LearningCon 2016 offers practical, comprehensive, content-rich insights for anyone who is or needs to become a strategic advocate for comprehensive learning and development training solutions—solutions that can have a positive impact on the workforce and the organization’s underlying bottom line. Learning officers, Training Managers, Instructional Designers, and HR professionals are strongly encouraged to attend.